Thursday, January 28, 2016

Three Short Poems

The Rind
If I were 93
I wonder would there be
Any sense of urgency

And would there be
An even greater sense of
Being wrung out like a lemon
For its very last drops
Or of the universe
Being wrung out
For its last drops
Of something
Being wrung out
For its last drops?
January 25, 2016

Is it as impossible
To take a picture of your phone
With your phone
As it is
To hold your right elbow
In your right hand?

As it is
To see yourself
In the mirror?

As it is
To hold a moment
In your head?
January 28, 2016

To get back at you
For ending things
I got my new girlfriend
To seduce your new boyfriend

Now that they're together
And we're both free
How about you
Get back together with me?*

January 28, 2016
*Notes: For some reason, I feel compelled to assert that I've never done anything like this, nor do I know anyone who has. The poem came to me today, fully formed, while standing in front of the coffee machine at work.

For that matter, I believe the idea for "Riddle" also came to me while standing in front of the coffee machine a few days ago, and was initially going to be about how I had cracked the screen of my phone but that I couldn't take a picture of it because, you know, right elbow-right hand. But when I came to write it today, it came out differently--worse, I think. That's why it's generally better for me to write these things down as I think of them.

And as long as I'm writing notes, I believe "The Rind" came to me when I looked in the mirror Monday morning and thought I looked old and dried out. I thought it was a bit to whiny to publish on its own, and plus, I didn't want it to compete with the poem (or story, or whatever it is) I published Monday, so, here it is now. Hardly worth the wait, but it's not like you were actually waiting for it anyway.


  1. I like them ! A bit more of a mature, reflective feel. Backfire is a gem xxx