Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Veganity is Not Always a Shield

Veganity is Not Always a Shield*
(A sequel to Veganity is a Shield)  

Today, on display,
On my way back to my office,
Not chocolates, no:

Veganity is not a shield from Oreos,
Nor most potato chips, Fritos,
Peanut butter, Wheat Thins, lollipops,
The list goes on and on. It never stops:
Many cereals, breads, pastas,
Tequillas, rums, whiskeys, scotches, vodkas,
Popcorn, Chick-O-Sticks and Swedish Fish
I almost could eat anything I wish
Last year, perhaps my most ill-advised dream
Came true: Ben & Jerry's vegan ice cream

It's hard to stay away from candied fruit
Again this morning, I tried on
The Suit
Two and a half months later, I'm so close
If I backslide again I'll be morose

I hope that shortly, less will be revealed
Veganity is not always a shield.

January 18, 2017

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Veganity is a Shield

Veganity is a Shield

When I pass by the chocolates
That are out there, on display
Impossible not to notice
On the way
Back to my office
Freely offered,
For anyone to take

I am grateful
That I am vegan
Else I would be all over that shit
Like white on white rice
And I still got a
Suit to fit into

I'm so close to fitting into that suit
I can taste it
The way I can almost taste those chocolates
That I don't want to taste

I am not vegan
For my health
Or to lose weight
Or to practice self denial
Or to postpone joy

But sometimes
Veganity* is a shield
That protects me
From myself

January 4, 2017

*I am well aware
That "veganity"
Is not a word