Saturday, October 7, 2017

Bumping Into Gus

Bumping Into Gus

I used to look for symbols quite a lot
Find meaning in coincidence where maybe there is not
On the way to the supermarket - (I go early so there's no line)
I saw the man who served ‎me my last drink back in 1989
28 years, six months and 11 days ago
And at the time I was 28 years, six months and 20 days old
So, that was almost exactly, literally, half a lifetime ago. 

It was another one of those days when I woke up and said I must not drink 
But I knew I would, I always did‎, I always would, I'd think. 
It was Easter Sunday- my mom, my sisters, my brother and me
Had just sat down to brunch at Gus's Place - Waverly and Waverly
A glass of wine was free with brunch, I instantly said yes
On the logic that if it's free, how can you say no, I guess 

Gus served the glass, I drank it quickly down, and that was it
I felt completely defeated, dead, destroyed. I felt like shit. 
Later that day I called Maggie, my great friend
Whatever she said, it helped a lot.  I never drank again‎. 

As I passed by Gus this morning, he said John
I didn't recognize him, he had sunglasses on
He asked about my mother; a pleasant little chat
And moments later, by the strawberries, I thought, I ought to write about tha
And now I'll call my mom and tell her Gus asked how she was
Although he lives in her building, I probably see her less than he does. 

Is there meaning in any of this? I'm not sure.
I keep trying to find it. I will look some more.

October 7, 2017