Sunday, December 3, 2017

On Visiting the Jewish Museum (December 2, 2017)

It occurred to me to tweet
(although I didn't)
‎That I did not intentionally
Buy and eat a potato knish
Because I was headed
To the Jewish Museum.
It was a coincidence.
‎My law school,
Which followed Jewish law‎,
Would close on Saturdays.
I was surprised to find
That the Jewish Museum
Was open‎ on the Sabbath. 
At the entrance
To the Jewish Museum,
The guard asked for my phone,
Some other thing,
And my phone.
As I got out my wallet and my phone,
I asked
What was the other thing?
He said what other thing?
I said, you said, wallet, something and phone.
He said, I didn't say something.
I gave him my wallet and phone.
He said, and keys.
And I said ah! That was the something!
And I gave him my keys.
He said, I didn't say something.
Which I suppose was literally true.
This was my first time
Visiting the Jewish musuem
And I looked for how to pay
They asked, and I said, I'm from New York
They said, then it's free
I said, okay.
I liked the Modiglianis
At the Jewish Museum
A lot.
I was unimpressed
With the jargony
Information labels.
Now that I know that
That the Jewish Museum
Is free for New Yorkers
I'm sure that I will visit it again
And I regret not having gone sooner.
My ignorance and laziness
And reluctance to pay 20 bucks
Have caused me to miss
Some awesome shit.
I will try not to live the rest of my days
Pining for the art I did not see.
December 3, 2017